Print Sale

I have scanned my work, keeping in mind what you have requested and will start selling prints! I will accept payments through paypal and also through my etsy shop. To pay via paypal send payments to evens2222@hotmail.com. If you have any other questions feel free to message me at evens2222@hotmail.com!

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Juxtapoz Magazine Feature

I woke up this morning and one of the most amazing things happened... one of my life goals as an artist just came true!  Thank you, Juxtapoz Magazine!!

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Naming Ceremony Gallery Feature

I was asked by the Naming Ceremony Gallery via Tumblr to be apart of their debut issue, the Sketches Issue!  The magazine is viewable here or down below (I'm featured on pages 17-21) and be sure to check out the other great artists featured in the magazine too!!


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art prints for sale

I have two signed prints of my work for sale!  Email if you want to buy a print and/or if you have any additional questions at evens2222@hotmail.com

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Nature's Beauty Series

The photos above are from traditional pieces I have recently finished.  These pieces represent the spirit of women and the forms they take.  They are also what people make call "fairies"- you can't see them in their true form, but you can see the the mark they have left behind in our world.  Next time you are outside just take a deep breath and feel what nature has provided.

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