Today when I checked my inbox I found something wonderful...

I get asked a lot of questions which range from my favorite color to drawing techniques.  When I checked my inbox this morning, I had this really great question which I really had to share and I hope it helps not only the sender but all of you as well!

Q:  Hi, I'm Nick, I'm from Sydney, I've been using your artworks as influence for my current art major work and I really needed to ask afew questions, as long as its okay with you;
1) what type of wood do you use?
2) what type of pen? Is it ball point? If so, is there a certain brand? And does it come in colours?
3) finally, do you use pressure and angle in the same way as you'd use it on paper and pen whilst creating your artworks with pen on wood?

Sorry for any inconvenience I've caused by the long message/questions, I'm just kinda in a blank spot and I need abit of guidance.

All the best, Nick

A:  Hi Nick!

Its great to know that I could help inspire you! Honestly, I usually buy my wood off of amazon, and I use artist wood because its already sanded down and smooth. You don't have to have fancy wood to do amazing artwork on- whenever I want to do a piece for myself, I stop by a hardware store and buy a sheet of wood because they have so many different types of wood surfaces and that helps me experiment with different types of surfaces and figure out which ones work best for the type of artwork I'm doing. The best advice I could give you is to try not to be fancy when buying wood because wood you buy for cheap is just as good as artists wood. Just like wood, I like to experiment with different types of pens. Also don't spend too much money on fancy pens because any pen will do depending on the material you use it on. I usually get my pens at Walmart or some other type of store that sells pens for cheap and the brand I usually use is Maxpen which usually comes in a bag for $1, and they do have colors that should come in a bag as well for around the same price. The tricky part about using wood is that the wood grain tends to have different directions, so it can be tricky. My advice is to build a lot of patience before approaching it and work with the wood, not against it and slowly. For example, when I work on paper, it takes me 2 or 3 days to finish a piece, on wood the same size and detail it would usually take me a week or two to finish, because you are basically painting with the pen. (you are actually filling in the places that you are drawing opposed to actually drawing like on paper). I hope I was helpful and good luck with your artwork and I would love to see it whe it's done! 


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